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Say goodbye to shot-in-the-dark shampoos and conditioners. With your hair data and Gemma’s brilliant science, we solve your equation for beautiful hair every day of the year.

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How it works

A little quiz biz.

Take just two minutes to answer some questions about your hair.

Reliance on science.

With 20+ years of experience, our clever scientists have designed a crackerjack algorithm that determines the right products based on your specific hair info. Yours might have avocado oil for shine. Or quinoa protein for color protection. Or glycerin for added moisture. Your results page will give you all the formula details.

Stare at your fine hair.

In a couple of days, you’ll receive your Gemma Shampoo and Conditioner. After an amazing in-shower experience with our luxe formulas, your implausibly beautiful hair will speak for itself.




“I really love using my new Gemma shampoo and conditioner. The survey I took to find my formula was quick, easy and matched me with the perfect formula for me."


"My hair looks better than ever! My curls stay together, don't frizz, and aren't weighed down. My hair is manageable, healthy and cute since using Gemma. Thank you for making a product that actually does what it promises."


"My hair feels super fresh and clean - every time I wash my hair, I feel like I just left the salon. Plus, my hair smells amazing. I’ve tried countless hair care products, and Gemma is by far my favorite!"

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